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Adrian Gorman

   Adrian Gorman  AC, MAC, RTP, ECP

As a hobbie Adrian produces these special cakes and sugar work. In his day job he is a registered psychotherapist (and trainer/coach). He has a clinical practice based in East Sussex.


Adrian Gorman is former Head of Care at an independent residential school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in West Sussex. Adrian has worked with national mental health organisations, and up until 2001 he was registered with Central Council for Education & Training in Social Work (CCETSW) and City & Guilds London Institute as an National Vocational Qualifications Assessor.

Adrian studied Therapeutic Recreation at the University of North Florida, and Choice Theory & Reality Therapy Certification (CTRTC) with The William Glasser Institute. He holds the Reality Therapy Counsellor award (RTC), European Accreditation Reality Therapy Psychotherapist (RTP), as well as the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) and Member of Accociation for Coaching (International).

As well as working with groups undergoing counselling certification training in the UK and USA, he has also worked with groups in Finland, Macedonia, Holland, Malta and Kuwait, where he was the Examining Instructor for the first group in Kuwait to achieve CTRTC status. He represents the UK on the National Educator Program Alliance board (NEP) based in Tampa Florida.

In his earlier years Adrian served with the British Parachute Regiment, and in the early 90’s was involved extensively in outward bounds where his approach using Reality Therapy has been successfully in helping participants meet and overcome challenge and change in difficult circumstances. Adrian was also a founder member of the National Association for Caving Instructors.

Adrian was Chairman of the Mid-Downs NVQ Management Board for 12 years, and Executive Administrator for The Institute For Reality Therapy UK for 10 years. Adrian is currently the European Registrar for the Reality Therapy Psychotherapist Accreditation programme, and an independent training and psychotherapy clinical practitioner.

  • William Glasser Institute UK  Faculty -  Instructor
  • William Glasser International Faculty - Instructor
  • European Institute for Reality Therapy (EIRT) Faculty - Instructor
  • European Association for Reality Therapy -  Registrar, Psychotherapist Accreditation 
  • Holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy
  • Accrediting Bodies: EAP, EART, EIRT
  • Member of the Association for Coaching

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